Subscription Boxes

February Sephora Play 

Hello my loves, 

I will be playing catch up on my posts for a bit since I’ve been moving. 

Onto my bag! This months Play! Bag was silky, with “smitten” written on it. Very sexy. My products for February are as follows:

  • Sephora Lashcraft Length + Volume Mascara – I did not open this, due to my obsession with mascara I have like 30 open ones that I need to use before opening anymore, but I did hear other bloggers say it’s a really good mascara! 👍🏻
  • Origins GinZing Eye Cream – I have not opened this yet either. My beauty routine has really been sucking. I haven’t used a mask or anything in weeks. My eyes are really showing my exhaustion so I will be setting this out to see if I notice improvement! 😴
  • TooFaced Lip Injection in Milkshake – I believe that is the shade name? Mine wasn’t printed on there but I do have this product already open. I really like lip plumpers. These are pretty. 💋
  • Bite Beauty Lip Stick –  I’m obsessed with their formulas and packaging if you have been wondering, they are amazing! 💄
  • Clinique Pep Start Moisturizer – this is one I’ve been seeing a lot but never tried, I’m going to set this out with my eye cream to use after cleansing my face! I will update my posts with how they work! 🤳🏼
  • Tom Ford sample perfume – I didn’t like the smell of this, kind of had the “old lady” scent going on. I’m also horrible at describing scents lol 😂 

Overall really happy with this subscription bag, always am. If you are not signed up for Sephora Play you can sign up to be on the waitlist, I cannot find a referral link. It’s $10 a month for five samples plus a parfume sample! 

💗 RealGirlReview 


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