Subscription Boxes

February Lip Monthly


I recently unsubscribed to this because I have enough lip products to supply my town it seems like, I really need to declutter! That’s a good project while unpacking is swatches and decluttering to friends and such. 

Anyways onto my lip monthly bag, I really enjoy this subscription they send really nice products and sometimes throw in an eyeshadow or other item.  


  • Sugar Lip Crayon – a red shade with amazing pigment. Very smooth. 
  • Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick – Nude Brown shade. 
  • Model Co Lipstick – Shimmer 
  • Cargo Eyeshadow – Beautiful Shimmery Blue 

I apologize for not having shade names. I received an email to come back to them for $5 and it’s so tempting! You can join and get 50% off your first bag with code 50OFF. Use this link to signup đź’ś They also let you customize certain shades, which is awesome if you don’t love certain colors. 



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