Julep Mystery Bag

❤️Julep Mystery Bag❤️
A tad late, but I’ve been REAL BUSY lately. 

I actually received this a few weeks ago, 

there were two options on the bags, this one

or a tan and black one I believe. 


Included in the February Mystery Bag: 

•Suzanne – red

•Ina – purple

•Desiree – Holo Topcoat

•Rosa – Amethyst (FEB Birthstone)

•Gladys – Blue 

•Eyeliner in Sunset Gold Shimmer 

•Lipgloss in Vivid


If you have been a Julep Maven for awhile the mystery bags usually get you a lot of repeats, things you already have. Which can be a bummer, but to me I don’t mind atall because I love sharing Julep which my friends and family, and I’m a Julep Ambassador so I just add the extras to a pile and find waysto give them away. I made little Valentine’s Day goodie bags and gave them to coworkers and friends. They were thrilled. I did keep a couple things I didn’t have. Julep lipglossis my favorite the formula is just amazing and although this shade looks dark it’s a gloss so it’s more of just a hint of color. If you haven’t ever tried Julep I highly suggest it. They also have promos for new customer and if you’d like my referral link I will definitely send it your way 😘😘😘😘_________________________________


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