Pumpkin Enzyme Resurfacer Mask 

✨PETER THOMAS ROTH✨🎃Pumpkin Enzyme Mask🎃

Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, wow so happy 🙂 I bought a mask set and tried this pumpkin mask first! Someone said it’s intense and they weren’t kidding 😊I LOVE IT. I used the little mask tool to apply and massage it into my skin. It has an almost instant tingle, which I really like, I love hardcore tingle masks. My face was flushed it kind of felt like cinnamon was all over my face. It smelled like Thanksgiving 🍂 I left in on about 5 minutes and rinsed it off. Since then my face feels brand new. 😻 My face is soft, and feels super clean, it feels renewed and tight and shiny in a good clean refreshed way. I would definitely say it resurfaced my skin! Can’t wait to try the other masks in my kit! 



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