ELF Haul

ELF is an amazing drugstore makeup and skincare brand. Sometimes they even blow high end companies out of the water. 💦 So if you are new to the beauty game, don’t be ashamed of starting with drugstore products because 90% of the time they are just as good as high end products 👜 I’ve been using ELF for years, as long as I can remember using makeup. I was shopping around my local Walmart and noticed they were out of nearly everything, everything I was looking for anyways 🙄 So I went online to the elf WEBSITE to see what I could find. To my surprise they had a lot of things on there that I didn’t even know they made! 😍 They normally have a promo code to get a free gift with your order and shipping is usually free with a $25 order. 
Moral of the story is, if you’ve been seeing ELF around more it’s because they are awesome and you should totally check out their products. 😘 


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