ColourPop Cosmetics

Being “new” in the beauty world 💄🌎 opens up all kinds of doors 🚪 and you tend to find so many 🌟amazing brands 🌟you have never heard of, especially if they aren’t sold in stores. 💞ColourPop only sells their products on their website. Which isn’t a bad thing, because at least you know 💯 percent that the product is authentic. I’ve seen knock off ColourPop all over apps like Cute or Wish. 🚫Don’t buy from there because no matter how real it looks, it’s not and the actual product inside the real looking packaging is terrible. 👎🏻

Anyways, since I am constantly looking for new things to try out I seen ColourPop a lot when I first started. It took me a bit to work up the courage to buy from their site but they off $5 off when you enter your email on your first visit to their WEBSITE

So I used my coupon and made my first order💸 After my first order arrived I quickly ordered a second. It quickly became an obsession 😍 ColourPop eyeshadows are stinkin AMAZING 😉 The pigment is unbelievable, they are cloud ☁️ soft and creamy. They texture is probably something you have never felt before. I also ordered a few liquid lipsticks 💄 and lip pencils. The matte liquid lips are amazing and will stay on most of the day, of course you will have to reapply when 🍜eating or drinking🍷 They are super drying but I feel like most matte liquid lipsticks are and you can avoid crusty lips usually by making sure your lips are 💧hydrated before you put the liquid lipstick on. 

ColourPop normally offers free shipping in the US on orders at least $30. 


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