Ipsy Glamazon 

!😍 So how many of you realized that the ladies on the bag spelled Ipsy? Maybe I’m slow but while setting up this little shoot I noticed! NEAT.

 So the #itcosmetics mascara… OH EM GEE wow does it lengthen your lashes! I am in LOVE. <UPDATE: this is my favorite mascara EVER> While at #ultabeauty today I noticed this was $12 so the bag already has paid for itself! 

I also used the #eyeko liquid liner. Amazing! Perfect size for easy usage. Very smooth and pigmented. 

The little orange #evanye hair spray smells wonderful and makes your hair super soft feeling. My husband commented on how good it smells even and he usually spits dramatic around the room when I use spray. 

The #seraphina stain tube was not for me. It’s awkward to use on your lips the way it is, you could definitely use a lip brush to get it onto your lips better but I have so many lippies I don’t need this one that requires more work lol. Also I don’t really like cream blushes it’s probably because I am a beauty newbie and can’t figure out how to blend them. Nothing personal on Seraphina and I’ve heard others loved it. 

Ipsy never disappoints. I have been with them over five years now and I’m still going strong. For $10 a month who can complain!! Thank you Ipsy!!

If you’d like to sign up, use my referral link for extra points!! 

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